The NHS Needs Support Now

Our health service is at breaking point and we want to help.

By Robin

Robin Hill

Why the NHS is struggling like never before

Up to 15% of hospital beds used by people waiting for care

NHS facing ‘most difficult winter in its history’

Ambulances seen queuing outside Wales’ largest hospital

‘Unseen, unheard and unsupported’

Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust declares critical incident

‘Unprecedented pressure’ for this time of year: NHS under strain even before winter peak

You only need to turn on your TV, switch on the radio or read your morning news to see the strain our health service is currently under. Wave after wave of headlines tell the same story – “unsustainable workload”, “critical condition”, “no capacity”, “breaking point”. It’s not happy reading. It’s easy to feel helpless, too small or insignificant to make a difference. Where do you even start? However, working in healthcare gives us a responsibility to do more. We want to support the NHS, ease the burden and assist anyway we can to help out our fellow healthcare professionals and patients this winter. If not now then when?

Talk is cheap. People can promise the world, but if they can’t deliver then what is the point? We have to ask ourselves, what can we do right now, at this moment to help our health service. Digital Healthcare isn’t a silver bullet or complete cure, but if we can at least alleviate the struggle, we are more than willing to do so. 

Juno is free for December

So, how can we help? We are happy to offer Juno completely free for December. Now, throughout this tricky period for our health service, parents and parents-to-be will be able to chat to specialist midwives and paediatricians from the comfort of their own home. By removing our paywall, we hope to ease the amount of unnecessary hospital visits and ensure that families get all the support they need this holiday season.

Download Juno free for December for iOS and Android now. 

In 2020, Pando created the Juno service to directly help panicked parents during lockdown. Rather than wait weeks for a specialist appointment with a midwife or paediatrician, Juno could give you instant access to a specialist at the touch of a button. Even after lockdown, Juno has been a haven for many parents that need a bit of advice or support with their child’s health. To make this service free and support our health service across the country for a limited time was a no brainer. With a potential new wave of COVID on the way, we needed a quick and effective solution to help now, not later. 

Access digital healthcare support now

Pando Access created Juno to test our healthcare hypothesis and introduce the next level of digital healthcare for patients everywhere. By enabling instant answers to complex clinical questions, we can connect healthcare for everyone and make our vision of ‘one click health’ a reality. No matter the healthcare specialism: Paediatrics, Women’s Health, Dermatology, etc. Pando Access empowers healthcare organisations to build their own vision for healthcare. This ensures their patients have a better route to care, whilst releasing some of the pressure from our health service.

Learn more about Pando Access here.